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Businesses that are classified as large market and have a high energy spend are at risk with rising energy pricing. This is because most companies leave their energy contract renewals to the last minute and don’t always take advantage of wholesale pricing dips.

Timing the market or forward contracting as we call it in the industry, allows consumers to lock in rates at the best opportunity when the market is at its lowest point. When commodity prices are low this correlates to the rates that can be secured at that time. 

We encourage our clients in some circumstances to look at securing rates up to 24 months in advance of their current energy agreement ending, this can mitigate their risk of paying much more by holding off and missing dips in pricing  we see in the wholesale commodity market.

We work with any type of business, whether you have your own in-house procurement team or you’re a small business owner short on time, we understand what is required to achieve the best results, and get the most out of the market at the right time.

How can we help you?

Our expert energy brokers come with years of knowledge and experience to help guide you through your energy journey.

We have assisted hundreds of Australian businesses, government entities and not-for-profit organisations to negotiate the best possible outcomes for our clients.

In continuation with our mission to forge a new and innovative path for the Australian energy sector, we recognised that technology and software play a huge role. At Enercom Energy, we have invested heavily in bespoke software which has led to 99% of our process being digitalised. Our tendering process is quicker, easier and more accurate than those of our sector counterparts.

We are passionate about what we do and our energy brokers work closely with our clients to form strong and trusting relationships as a priority, after that it’s about finding the best possible energy solutions for your business.

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