Energy Management

Take control of your energy costs

Our energy management services could save your business thousands of dollars per year.

Our energy experts will work closely with you to not only help you better understand your energy costs but also to closely monitor how you use your energy and stay in control of keeping costs down.

We have developed a unique energy management program for our customers. This ensures they are not only on the best retailer rates/plans available but also that the business is kept on the correct network tariff and demand rates for the duration of the contract. We have summarised below our key energy management services and what to look out for.

Network Tariff Analysis

Network tariff rates are a combined set of charges which are passed through to the energy retailers by the network distributors to pay for the infrastructure and maintenance of the energy network. Each business falls under a certain distribution zone that supplies the power to your property. These charges can make up over 50% of the energy costs on your bill.

Your business could be set up on the incorrect network tariff, which means you could be paying a higher network tariff rate than you should be. Depending on how much power your business consumes per annum and at what periods. Ensuring that your business is kept on the most optimal network tariff could save you thousands of dollars per annum.

Peak Demand Optimisation

Most businesses that use high energy consumption would be on a KVA or a KW Demand tariff.

To help explain this the maximum demand (kVA/KW) is based on your highest peak demand of electricity from the grid. It’s not the same as the amount of energy you use.

For example; if you turned on all your electrical devices at the same time, and then turned them off straight away, you might not have used much energy in that time, but you will have had a peak of demand, meaning the amount of power needed to be supplied to your property in a short amount of time increased.

Why is this important to understand? It’s because your energy distribution company (Network) charges you for the maximum demand, so it costs you money. The maximum demand is set at a rating typically of 120kVA/KW or whatever your maximum peak demand has reached (whichever is higher). Each distributor has its own set of tariffs and demands charges; therefore it is important to ensure your KVA/KW demand is not only on the correct demand tariff but that the amount of KVA/KWs that you are charged is correct.

We ensure that your business is on the correct demand charges by requesting the previous 12 months worth of interval data in 30 or 15-minute intervals blocks, if we identify a discrepancy our expert energy consultant will quickly have this rectified by putting in an application with the network distributor to the correct amounts, which is usually applied on your next energy invoice and will remain in place indefinitely or until you increase your peak demand in the future.   

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