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Network Tariff Assessment

Network tariff rates are a combined set of charges which are passed through to the energy retailers by the network distributors to pay for the infrastructure and maintenance of the energy network. Each business falls under a certain distribution zone which supplies the power to your property. These charges can make up over 50% of the energy costs on your bill.

Network Distributors & Tariffs

Understanding your network charges is really important, in Australia there are 22 Electricity & Gas Networks distributors. They are responsible for delivering and maintaining power supply to your property.

The network charges and tariff on your bill are relative to the type of site it supplies. For example if its a residential dwelling, a small business or a large factory with a high energy demand, the network distributor needs to understand how much appropriate power it needs to deliver to each premises based on their operation or demand requirements.

Each network distributor allocates each site its own energy network tariff, this is a code that relates to their pricing structures reflective of the type of tariff your site falls under. Some network distributors can have over 20 different network tariffs, each with its own set of pricing, if your site is not on the correct tariff it could be costing you a lot more than its should.

Enercom Energy specialise in network tariff assessments, first we collect a copy of your energy invoice and then retrieve interval data from your retailer, with this data we then process the information through our software which analyses the data and confirms if your site is on the correct tariff. If we find that there is a more cost effective tariff available, with your permission we will be able to put in an application to your network distributor to have it changed which will provide instant savings on energy bill once approved. 

Network Charges On Your Electricity Bill

Most people don’t realise, but the network charge component of your electricity bill can make up 50% or more of the total bill spend. If your business is on a bundled bill, these rates are blended into the total rates, i.e. Your Peak & Off-Peak Charges. For large market C&I customers the Network charges are unbundled, which means each network charge rate is listed on the bill under its own line item providing better clarity on what you’re being charged for.


Retailer Rates & Supply Charges


Network & Other Pass Through Charges

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