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Power Factor Correction 

What is Power Factor Correction?

Power Factor Correction is a process of improving the Power Factor to near unity (1.0) without altering the original load. The Power Factor of a network is a measure of how efficiently the Power is used.  Power Factor correction is technology and equipment used to ensure your Power Factor is efficient as possible.

If your business has a KVA Demand charge on the bill, this is typically identified under Network Charges, then Power Factor Correction may help your business reduce the KVA Demand. To see what type of Power Factor rates your business is operating at, our analysts can request the relevant data from your metering provider which allows us to identify if you currently have a poor Power Factor, An example of a poor power factor level would typically be measured at 0.85 or below at its highest maximum demand. 

For a free no obligation Power Factor Assessment, just simply click here and upload a copy of your latest energy invoice and provide your details, and one of our consultants will be in touch to arrange an assessment. Alternatively if you would like to discuss this first you can call us on 03 9503 9415.

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